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24 April 2009


Gabrielle Anne Santa Cruz

Prevention of Malaria is not just mosquito nets but education campaign as well. I am calling every citizen of this planet to support our grass root campaign Kick Malaria Out (KMO) 2009 West Africa.

VPWA has instituted an annual month long awareness campaign, entitled Kick Malaria Out (KMO), designed to create much-needed awareness on
(1) the rate at which Malaria is killing the West African population, especially children and pregnant women and
(2) measures to prevent and eradicate, if not minimize, the Malaria disease within the community with a special emphasis on educating the population on the need to avoid creating breeding grounds for mosquitoes.
Campaign KMO will run from August 20 2009 thru September 20 2009 but the outreach by the combined volunteers is for first two weeks, in the following countries: Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, & Liberia.
Campaign KMO will start in Ghana with Volunteers from all over the world, including medical professionals, students, educators and various professions.

Let us all fight to end Malaria in Africa. Call us and visit our website:


Phone: 233243340112
Email: [email protected]

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